This Devil Lurks Behind Your Screen!    

Anyone who issues ICPO and/or signs FCO or Contract and does not have funds or cannot provide or prove funding, will be BLACKLISTED!
If you are an intermediary, you should not be issuing ICPO's / LOI's or other legal documents - These documents are reserved for Legal Mandates or Buyers ONLY!

As we grow in technology, we become more susceptible to a greater number of Fraudsters! No longer is it in our backyard or just a phone call away. These people have taken their message to the Internet - in a place where they are able to collectively reach hundreds of millions of people INSTANTANEOUSLY!

While we cannot eliminate them altogether, we can surely band together and make it more difficult for them from entering our World!... The Commodity World! We are on a crusade to eliminate every known individual who is using this industry to scam people. So, if you're a SCAMMER, your best bet is to see to it that your name never comes across our desk!

The list below are a few of the companies and people we have determined to be Fraudsters/Scammers/Non-Performers! Though some of them have either not performed while initially indicating their financial capabilities, we have determined this was not the case.

Any person who claims to be a buyer, claims to have funds, sign contracts, submits fraudulent documents and/or fails to perform, will be Blacklisted!

So, you have a choice. Either you high tail it out of this industry without looking back, or have your name plastered every where for the world to see!

Use extreme caution if dealing with so-called buyers/sellers, mandates, intermediaries or with any of these names listed below - believing everyone is a buyer is a sign of IGNORANCE!

Newest Addition to our Growing list:

  1. March 27, 2013. James Wood - Skype: James.wood293 / email: & Lloyd Sim - Skype: lloyd.sim2012 / email: These SCAMMERS/FRAUDSTERS, claimed to work for UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization).
  2. Mark-John Clifford - Operating out of Clovis, California area originally from Rhode Island.
  3. ESTRATEGIA INVESTIMENTOS - There is a scam company posing to be the original with similar website - Due your due diligence and be certain you are working with the real McCoy. This is the correct website:
  4. BUDEX SASA CONSTRUCTION PLC - Operating out of NIGERIA. Multiple ICPO's issued with absolutely no funds. Top Scammers operating out of this country, as we all know. 
  5. Johnpaul Ejiogu - Construction Economist and Consultant Limited - - +22997534461 / 2348163912398 - Failed to perform on a cement contract.
  6. John M. Achille dba Global Commodities Trading, 525 Waterbrook Drive, Greenville, SC - USA - 1-864-386-9721. Non-Performer and NOT a Buyer, though claims to be.
  7. Bheekhum Shyam - Vishor Mauritius LTD, LS1 CAUDAN WATERFRONT, PORT LOUIS, MAURITIUS - India. SCAM company operating out of another top-world scam country.
  8. Patrice / Anna Clemens / Ridha Hammami / Asma Boushila / Amelia Krause / Eric Vincent - & - AnClems GmbH - Operating out of France, AmKrau GmbH Germany, Italy. . Olpe 54, 44128 Dortmund, Germany. 76 Rue Saint-Cecile, 75007 Paris. Delta Consulting. (49) 231-5178-373464, (49) 231-5178-335420, (49)1633110021875, (33) 970-449-384, (33) 970-449-92. (information update provided by, Jamie S. of Texas, who was wise enough to do his due diligence, found our site with more info on them) - A little research can go a long way! Other reads regarding Anna Clemens & Gang:
  9. Ronald (Ron) Mason, Susan Mason-Marrie & Jared Marrie - A family of Scammers - MA / CT & RI based.
  10. Masinde Umar - - Skype: sinde22 - Kharhiv, Ukraine & Uganda - UPDATE 09/16/2012: Mr. Umar has been arrested and faces charges in his home country of Uganda regarding 419 Scams.
  11. Mar Merchant d.o.o. - Mr. Roberto Milanovic - Croatia - Ph: 385 52 851 074, 851 076. Email: - Constantly sending out ICPO's claiming to be buyers to every known broker and have never performed. Appear on every known 'Blacklist'. Have been on our Non-Performing list since April 2011.
  12. Infoservice Gestion, S.L. - Alberto Diaz Gestion & Javier Diaz - Ph: 552297091543 / 34663224304 Email:;; - Operating: Brazil / Spain - Claim to be buyers but are only intermediaries - Signed documents yet failed to perform.
  13. Marco Aparicio - President and CEO at IWC Group Inc. 1777 NE Loop 410, Suite 600, San Antonio, TX 78217 - Repeatedly sends out ICPO's & has recently signed a contract for which he has no funds. Continuously made claims to have funds and banker's engagement but failed to deliver.
  14. July 27, 2013. ATLANTIK FINANZ AG based in Zurich. Mr. Mehmet Karadeniz - CEO & Enis Akuzumcu - Mandate. Mr. Mehmet claimed to be a fully funded buyer/financier with the ability to purchase over 2.2 MMT of IC45 for his exit buyers.

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    Please Read Warning!

  • PLEASE BE ADVISED: Any individual/company/buyer who issues LOI/ICPO/RWA/BCL with false or fabricated information with the intention on deceiving, scamming or without proper funding in place, will be 'Blacklisted' and reported to the Federal Authorities!

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It is hard to understand what these people have to gain being deceitful. Though with some, we can surely understand, but with others it is rather absurd. We can only deduce that they are in the business in compiling names of REAL sellers/buyers for circumvention purposes. In any event, this is still reasons for Blacklisting.

The quicker we can eliminate these scam/fake companies operating only to cheat and steal from honest people, the better this industry will be.

Bear in mind, if you default in any manner, we will Blacklist you, your organization and any other associate involved in your transactions. Depending on the circumstances, your name will also be issued to the federal authorities. In any event, we will also submit your name to our network world-wide!

REMEMBER, before sending us any LOI/ICPO/RWA please contact us for procedures of seller. KEEP IN MIND, it is still ILLEGAL to send these documents without performance or having the ability to perform. Should you need an SCO for a legitimate buyer, please feel free to contact us.