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While Sienna International Group, LLC does offer a larger portfolio of products, not all will be listed on our site, due to limited supply of contracts that may or may not be available at the time of your inquiry.

It is important to note, that we are not a supermarket with prices available at hand, with that said, we will not just issue prices based on simple inquiries. In order to maintain good standings, we are requesting that you review your buyers capability and the legitimacy of their intent more appropriately before contacting us and ask that you review the current market price. If a buyer is REAL and has purchased commodities in the past, they should therefore be aware of the current market price, and/or should know what their Target Price is, if not, than please do not waste our time.

This link will give you an indication of where your (Buyer) stands with his target price: If your buyer(s) target is insultingly lower than these market prices, than we strongly recommend that you not contact us. Also, please keep in mind that these market prices are not CIF pricing.

As always, we require LOI on buyer(s) company letterhead with the correct and complete information, signed and sealed. All inquiries that neglect our instructions will be dismissed and discarded without prejudice.

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